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Dear Youtube algorithm, A Rant

Hi Friends!

First off, I highly dislike it when people complain about the youtube algorithm with the "why me?" attitude. The new algorithm  never bothered me because at the time when the algorithm changed, I wasn't as active on my channel because my dog got sick and I spent most of my time taking care of her for a year. After that year of trying to make her comfortable, we finally let her go but I didn't realize it around then, but I was really depressed and my videos became more sporadic. 

Fast forward to 2018 ish I started making videos again but my views were very discouraging. I kept getting messages from people asking me if I'm still going to make videos when I had been posting videos and I never left my channel. Like the true hater that I am, I left again and posted a sprinkling of videos here and there when the mood would strike me. Little did I know that the new algorithm ninja had been marking my channel and doom it all to hell.

Because I am a true detective in training, I dug into my analytics discovered what this algorithm ninja has been doing to my channel.

1. I had 1 video that became really popular, its got about 400K views but the audience is from another country.

2. Because said country is the number 1 viewer of my channel because of that 1 video, youtube directs my videos to that country so any keywords that would be relevant to the US market would be deemed irrelevant and my new uploads die a horrific death of being unseen because this country is not my main audience but youtube is feeding my videos to them (that is my theory,I'm probably wrong but this is my detective work here)

3. Case in point is this picture of my recent mascara review:
why are men watching my mascara review in this country, I'm disturbed youtube
When I posted this video, I was like cool maybe I can keep this channel going since this got a decent 500 views. When I looked at my analytics, this finding really creeped me out. I erased the country because I didn't want to offend people living in this country I'm just pointing out the problem here lol. 

4. Subscriber count really doesnt matter when it comes to the new algorithm but my main problem is redirecting it to the US market where my videos and topics would be more relevant. Because of that 1 video thats popular in that country, my audience is split and any information I get on my analytics isn't relevant here in America. I'm all for being inclusive, but I'm not trying to become Miss World here and my content about new drugstore makeup really wouldn't fly in that country where they have different products and speak a different language. 
as you can see here, I get my audience split between the 2 top countries

5. Youtube doesnt have a feature where you can delete subscribers like instagram. I do monthly clean ups on potential bots on instagram but there is no doing that on youtube. I'd rather be down to 1k subscriber to a real audience that actually watches my videos. I believe you can block people, but I don't see that option now either and I just want to basically clean my channel subscribers up and start anew.

This detective work has left me to do the following:

1. Put that said popular video on private (in hopes that it will reset my audience, but who knows how long that will take)
2. Work harder on my keywords and planning content 
3. Start a new channel and test that out for a bit lol

If you're new, here is a little information about me. My name is Angelica and I love makeup with a passion. No one in my family or circle of friends really get my love for all things beauty thats why I started making youtube videos. I've been making youtube videos since 2012 and its a great big passion of mine. If you'd like to help out my new channel I would appreciate the support! 

My new youtube channel is....Aboutsomethingpretty2 lol I know genius name. I didn't want to have to change my branding so I just added the 2 lol.

My new channel probably will take a million years to get monetized given that the youtube market is so saturated already and I'm honestly not that interesting lol, so while I wait for the results of testing out my theories out on my old channel, I will be on the new one! 

Thank you so much for reading this rant, I appreciate you!

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