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Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Review!

Hey guys!

I'm back with quite an exciting product to review. You all know how much I love my Urban Decay Naked foundation so I was quite excited when Revlon came out with their very own dupe for the Naked foundation. I believe this is part of their spring 2013 launch. The display for this product has Emma Stone on it in case you guys are wondering.
sorry for the low quality pics, they are just screenshots from my video :P
I found this foundation at my local KMART for 9.99. They are also having a buy one get one 50% off sale so I got the powder from the same line fro $5. I believe this product might be cheaper at Target or Walmart since those retailers do sell this product a little bit cheaper than your local drugstores.

As far as the product itself, I do believe its quite similar to Urban Decay's naked foundation. It is very liquidy in consistency and has medium to full coverage depending on the amount you want to put on your face.

Left: Urban Decay Naked foundation in 7.0 Right: Revlon Nearly Naked in Warm Beige
As far as coverage and feel goes it is quite similar to UD. It feels very lightweight on the skin and doesnt look cakey at all. The foundation layers beautifully as well so if you need more coverage you definitely can get that with this foundation.
Urban Decay's Naked foundation doesnt include any SPF which makes it quite flash friendly in photos. Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation contains an SPF of 20 which is quite friendly for those of you who are looking for extra sun protection in your foundation. When it comes to flash photography, I dont think it looks quite terrible. The white halo of the SPF is not that noticeable in this pic.
Revlon Nearly Naked under flash

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in Natural Light

So as my conclusion, I do love this foundation. I love how lightweight this foundation is and how it looks like skin. For 1/3 of the price of the urban decay,  I highly recommend and this does make for a good dupe for Urban Decays naked foundation. :)




  1. the foundation looks really good on you!

    Check out my blog at: Caught in a Daze.

  2. Hi, nice review! I had a question. I am half filipino, with yellow skin tones. My mac color is NC25-30. I've read other reviews saying the undertones of most of the shades can be pinky/orangey. I was wondering if the shade you chose had strong yellow tones? And what is your mac shade btw? I was looking at the color Shell and it looks so right in terms of the yellow undertone, but it looks too light! Warm beige looked like it had yellow tones but it looked a bit to dark for me in the bottle. Plus I read on Makeup Alley that some people complained the foundation oxidized to a darker shade after several hours of wear. Did that happen to you in your experience with this foundation? Sorry to ask so many questions hun. I guess it boils down to if I might need to buy 2 different shades and mix them. Thanks again! :)

    1. My shade is warm beige and it has pretty strong yellow undertones to it, they group the foundation to warm and cool, there's a little guide on the site I believe on which color is for warmer undertones, I didn't experience any color change at all which I really liked about the product. The shades run darker and warmer just a little something to keep in mind. I'm not familiar with the lighter shades but if there's a shade right above shell in the warm group I'd give that one a go. I hope that helped a little :)

    2. Thanks so much for your help! I wound up choosing "Shell", and even thought th shade was a bit light, it somehow settled to my skintone, making me think that it does oxidize on some, but not everybody. And you made a good point about the shades running darker, thus having to also chooose a shade or two lighter than you normally woukd pick. I later top it with the new Revlon Naked Powder in "light", which is slightly darker than my skintone, but it suceeds in making the foundation match my skin perfectly.. I also have the powder in "fair" as well to lighten up my other foundations that are a touch too dark. The powder is quite nice as well!

  3. Hello :)

    What shade are u in MAC?
    And maybe u tried before Revlon Colorstay? if yes what is your colour?


  4. hello:)
    i have a question, If i m using the urban decay naked foundation in 5.0, which shade should i choose in REVLON Nearly naked foundation? PLS REPLY:) THANKS

  5. I would suggest medium beige but the shades run a little warmer for this foundation so you may need to choose the shade lighter than that natural beige maybe

  6. @patya my mac winter shade is NC 40 and I'm in natural tan for the revlon colorstay :)

  7. thanks for the review! i'm trying to decide what foundation i want next.