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Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore Product Review and Swatches

I've been stalking my local WalMart for a good two weeks straight for this, I thought to myself it'd better be worth it...

If you're an active member of makeup hoarders anonymous<--(made that up btw lol) you're probably well aware that the lovely and beautiful Drew Barrymore came out with her own makeup line available exclusively at WalMart called Flower Beauty.

Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty make up line is built on the philosophy that consumers can enjoy great quality make up products at drugstore prices. The whole makeup line pride themselves of being cruelty free and being proudly made in the USA. The line is pretty extensive from BB creams, foundations to cream eyeshadows. Not all Walmart locations hold the same inventory of the entire line, so you may have to visit a few if you were planning on trying everything from the line unless you're lucky enough to have the location where they have all of them ;)

So after weeks of reading and watching youtube videos about products from the line, I already had a list in mind of what products I wanted to try first. Luckily my walmart had all of them which was quite an exciting day for me.

For this review I will be talking about Flower beauty's cream eyeshadows in Wild Geranium and Mums the word, blush and bronzer duo in Gloriously Golden, and Kiss stick in So Gladiola.

I was definitely excited to pick up the cream eyeshadows from the line. I was only attracted to the colors Wild Geranium and Mums the word since both of them are neutral and can be used as eyeshadow bases. The packaging for this product is quite beautiful and definitely looks high end. It has a rose gold flower logo on the glass jar on the twist up lid. The consistency of the product is quite unique. I would describe it as a whipped creamy mouse. Pigmentation of the product is excellent but can feel quite heavy if you layer on too much on your eyelid so be weary of the that. I tested out these cream eyeshadows without an eyeshadow primer and they did not crease. The only con I found from this product is that it can be quite messy. The little stopper doesn't really do anything from stopping the mess so be aware of that. I would definitely say give this product a try for its excellent color pay off and being crease proof.

the lid of the product can get messy, the white pressers are quite useless
Left: wild Geranium Right: Mums the word

The blush and bronzer duo is quite an "ok" product. I wouldn't say its bad, its just not as good as I expected it to be. This product had excellent color pay off. The only downside to the product is that it is quite powdery and the bronzer part of this duo in Gloriously Golden is too light to use as a contour for my skin tone.
Blush and Bronzer Duo in Gloriously golden

Lastly I wanted to try one lip product from the line. I picked up one of their Kiss sticks in the shade So Gladiola since I liked the white packaging (they had 2 other ones the lip butters and the high shine lipsticks in black packaging). The shade is quite a lovely bright peachy pink. The formula was a little dry but with a lip balm underneath, it didn't really bother me much. They staying power was ok and the product did not have a weird scent to it which I was quite pleased with. This particular shade is quite pretty and very appropriate for this spring.

Golden Goddess swatch on left next to Tarte Dollface blush and So Gladiola lipstick swatch on far right

Golden Goddess swatch on left next to Tarte Dollface blush and So Gladiola lipstick swatch on far right

Here are some pics of me wearing the products:
after 6 hours of wear wearing cream eyeshadow in Mums the word and So Gladiola kiss stick

I didn't wear eyeshadow primer and the cream shadow did not crease at all after 6 hrs in picture

wearing wild Geranium cream eyeshadow all over lid

Prices: Cream eyeshadows- $7.98 each
             Blush/Bronzer duo- $9.98
             Kiss Stick- $6.98

Have you tried anything from the line? 

Hope this was helpful!

<3 Angelica


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  2. Great post! I've only tried a few things from this line and loved them! :)