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New Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream for Combination/Oily Skin Review

Hello lovelies!

Time for a another product review. This review is all about the newly released Garnier BB cream thats aimed towards people with oily/combination skin. I purchased the original formula a while back but I had to return that after 1 application because it was just way too thick and made my skin really itchy.

Garnier heard everyone's cries and finally came out with something that is a little bit more friendly towards people who turn into a greaseball after a couple hours.

Enter the Combination/Oily Skin formula:

What the product claims to do:

(Content taken from Garnier's website: link!)
Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin immediately mattifies, minimizes pores and conceals imperfections to give skin a naturally smooth, matte, flawless finish. Blends easily with your skin tone.

- Non comedogenic - won't clog pores
- Non acnegenic - won't cause breakouts
- Oil-free, non-greasy
 The product itself if really quite watery. You really have to be careful when you open the squeeze bottle so it doesnt drip everywhere.
Texture: If you're familiar with the texture of the tinted dark circle eye roller from garnier, they are both quite similar. In fact this product may just be the same dark circle roller material packaged in a squeeze tube. I am quite fond of how light this product is on the skin compared to the original one which was quite heavy and icky on my very oily skin.

Fragrance: The original BB cream formula had a very heavy flowery scent which I wasnt a fan of. I'm glad that the light version doesnt have that heavy scent which can be quite irritating especially to people who have sensitive skin.

My bare face..haha scary I know
my bare face part 2 :P
Application/Coverage: This product offers a nice light-medium coverage. I hate heavy foundation/coverage (even though I need it :P) so I was really happy on how this product applied. I used my clean fingers to apply this since it is quite watery and you can get a better coverage this way.

Color: The shade I bought for medium/deep complexions has a lot more pink in it that I would like :( This maybe the only downside to this product since I have very yellow undertone asian skin. I found that maybe you can color correct this by using a more yellow based powder to counter the "pinkness of the product. Because of how pink the product is, it doesnt look quite natural on without a powder.

the medium/deep shade is quite pink :(
with BB cream without flash (Serious face #1)

with flash (Serious face #2)
daylight lighting (Serious face #3 :P)
 Longevity: The product lasts a decent 4-5 hours until you see it fading. As far as controlling oiliness I still get quite oily but not as bad. I love how light this feels and it doesnt feel icky at the end of the day.

Price: $10-14 depending on where you buy it. Got mine at Target for $11.99.

Would I Recommend it?: Yes, if you have oily skin and you have fairly good skin that doesnt need a lot of coverage :)

Hope this was helpful!
Angelica <3

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  1. This review was very helpful! Thank you! I just found your blog and I can see that you put so much effort into all your posts! It's a really good blog!