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Broadway Nails imPress on Nail Manicure Review and Application

 Greetings from Florida! :D

Since I'm on vacation for a week I figured it'd be a perfect time to try and review a couple of products I've brought with me. This review is for the broadway nails impress on nail manicure I received on my spring fever voxbox from influenster.

Would you believe me if I told you I haven't had my nails done professionally in a nail salon, EVER!? haha yes. I'm one of those weird people who like to do everything themselves..like cutting hair and doing nails. In high school I used to apply fake nails using nail glue since that was the only thing I could afford. Later on I graduated to using acrylic, the one with the stinky solution and I actually got pretty decent in doing that haha! :P

I've always been curious about fast and easy solutions especially for people on the go who don't really have the money or time to spend on getting a professional manicure.

Enter the imPress on nails...

This particular one I received from Influenster is apparently a part of Nicole Scherzinger signature series as it says on the box. I'm not familiar how many colors or styles are in the collection but I do love the hot shade I got from my box.

I have always been curious about the packaging of these fake nails since a lot more companies are packaging fake nails this way. I like how this comes in a plastic bottle since u can actually store your nails back in the packaging if you plan on reusing? it maybe. It just makes sense to make it look like a nail polish bottle.

The application of the product is actually quite easy and mess free. The only thing that really took time in doing this is finding the right size of the nail to match your own natural nails. From the batch I got, I actually wasnt able to find a good match for my pinky nail since its an in between size. You get a total of 24 nails in the bottle which could mean you can have 2 sessions of the this bottle if they all match you...maybe???

As you can see from the picture above, the nail itself has a little plastic tab you take off to reveal the sticky glue part of the nail. You press it on to your natural nail, then you're good to go. It was really fast and I think this would be awesome for someone who is a hurry and doesn't have any time at all to paint or get your nails done.

annoying white tips that need to be buffed out

Heres the end result!

As far as lasting power, its supposed to last a week and can be easily removed using acetone to soften the glue. I will update you guys on this claim given my week here on vacation :)

Price: $5.99-$7.99 depending on where you buy it

Hope this was helpful!

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