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NARS 'Voulez Vous' Cheek & Eye Palette (Nordstrom Exclusive) Review and Swatches!

*insert Christina aguilera's wailing......voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir...ummm lady marmalade anyone? :P

Leave it Nars to come up with another provocative name to market its product. I am an avid drugstore collector and this is palette is definitely a splurge for me! As my very FIRST Nars product purchase (Nars virgin..haha!), I think I may have done very well especially if you see what this palette contains :)

Nordstrom presents another stunning beauty exclusive for Fall 2013!

So heres a description of the product straight from Nordstrom.com Click!

Abandon your inhibitions or play the coquette with NARS' exclusive gifting collection. A covetable, provocative palette features two iconic blushes and a foursome of sophisticated signature shadows.

Palette includes:
- Eyeshadow in Molokaï (0.03 oz.).
- Eyeshadow in Antananarivo (0.03 oz.).
- Eyeshadow in Rangoun (0.03 oz.).
- Eyeshadow in LHASA (0.03 oz.).
- Blush in Deep Throat (0.15 oz.)
- Blush in Dolce Vita (0.15 oz.).

                               Can we all just pause and take a moment here and swoooooonnnn!

 Can you tell I'm slightly overly excited about this palette?!?  

Heres a size comparison to the Urban Decay Naked palette
Swatches from Left to right: Deep throat blush, Dolce Vita blush, Eyeshadows: I have no clue which one is which! it doesnt say on the box :(

I tried finding a dupe but nothing was really close to anything. The one shadow that was closest to the matte light brown in the palette is Naked from UD and Brown from Nyx.

For the eyeshadows I think all of them have good pigmentation. I love how this palette included a nice bright highlight and a matte light brown for blending. As far as the name, I'm not really sure which ones which since the box or the back of the packaging said specifically which ones which.

I believe all of the shadows are limited edition colors (I lied they're not! lol :P). The highlight shade is very similar to Stilas kitten but is a smidgen warmer, but not too noticeable. The light brown shade is similar to Naked from Urban decay. As far as the gunmetal color, nothing really came close to it. The color is a unique bluish purplish gray. As far as the brown one, the closest I can find is Stila's Fig eyeshadow.

Nars is well known for their blushes so I dont really think I need to talk any more about that :P

Final thoughts:
If you're familiar with Nars product prices, I think this product for $59 is definitely worth it! As a Nars virgin, I think this palette is definitely an awesome starter to the brand. Not only do you get 2 of their famous blushes, you also get 4 eyeshadow colors! All in all I think this palette is a definite must have for all makeup lovers!

Hope this was helpful!
Angelica <3

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  1. great swatches! one more day and this baby will be mine in the mail ;] nars products are awesome.. you should try more of their products!

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