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New Maybelline Color Tattoos Leather Collection 2014 Swatch and Mini Review

Hey guys heres a quick post and review of the new maybelline color tattoos!

I was oober excited when I found them at my local bed bath and beyond along with the new dream foundation and the nudes palette.
The colors I picked out are:

Creamy beige:  a really creamy light tan color. I dont think its completely matte, it has a slight pearl but its barely noticeable and the texture of this is quite creamy. I am quite fond of this shade because of the texture and how its not too flat.

Chocolate Sude:  Warm dark shimmery brown. It has a hint of pink shimmer with the gold which makes it quite unique. This is the same exact color as Rich Mahogany, a previous limited edition release from Fall 2012?

Vintage Plum: its a very pretty matte light purple. In the pan it might look somewhat similar to tough  as taupe but when swatched vintage plum has a lot more pink to it. This shade would make a lovely base for rosey type eyeshadow (Naked 3, Lorac unzipped)

Dramatic Black: I wouldnt say this is the deepest black out there, swatched its a very dark charcoal. It has a very nice creamy texture and it doesnt apply patchy which I was pretty pleased with.

The other shade I didnt pick out was a mossy green color that I didnt really think I'd use. Again I found these at my local bed bath and beyond for $5.89 and these should be available soon at all drugstores.

Enjoy the swatches!

L to R: Vintage plum, Too cool
L to R: Rich mahogany, Chocolate Suede

Vintage plum, Dramatic black, chocolate suede, creamy beige

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