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New L'oreal La Palette Nude 1 and Nude 2 Review and Swatches

Hey guys!

I cant believe my last post on this blog was from August of last year (Fail!). I have been a very absent here and I do apologize. Anyways I wanted to post this quickly here since this is a pretty big release from the drugstore (according to me) and I've been stalking the displays of these L'oreal nude palettes! I was quite excited when I saw these at my walmart, but was quite saddened by the price lol (cheapo me)

So here are the item specifics:
Where I found them: Walmart
Price: $15.97-> fancy way of saying $16 lol
Both Palettes contain 10 eyeshadows each, approximately 1.75g per eyeshdadow
La Palette Nude 1- warmer tones
La Palette Nude 2- rosy purpley tones
Both palettes come with a sad little applicator but should work if you dont have any other tools

 So here are my thoughts on La Palette Nude 1:
-the eyeshadows were soft, feels more luxurious compared the maybelline the nudes palette
-9 out of 10 of the shades swatched well, the antique gold eyeshadow in the palette is quite stiff and barely gives any pigment
-the matte eyeshadows in this palette are soft but are quite powdery, decent shimmery satin shades
-lacks a good dark brown eyeshadow or a matte black outer v/liner shadow
-performs better with an eye primer as with any cheap eyeshadow

La Palette Nude 2:
 -I prefer Nude 1 over this palette
- most of the eyeshadows here are quite powdery
-has 1 redeeming duo chromey pink shade that feels really stiff to the touch but swatches quite beautifully
-not impressed with this one at all

If you're thinking dupes for the Urban Decay naked eyeshadows, only 1 or 2 came close with some of the shades from the naked palettes. I didnt bother swatching any of them for pictures because there wasnt really that big of a similarity of any of the eyeshadows to be considered dupes of each other. If you were looking for a good neutral palette and don't want to shell out $40-$50 dollars (Lorac Pro,Naked) I think this would make a decent alternative but nothing I would go gaga over.  All in all I was quite underwhelmed with these palettes, I think I was expecting a bit much from these.

Pics and Comparison Swatches below!
La Palette Nude 1

compared to the shades to the naked 1 palette
compared to the shades of the naked 2 palette

compared to the nudes palette by Maybelline

La palette Nude 2

compared to the shades of Naked 3

size comparison between maybelline the nudes, l'oreal la palette, Urban decay naked palette

Nude 2 compared to maybelline the Nudes
simple eye look using La Palette Nude 1

La palette Nude 1 swatches no primer

swatched with primer

La palette Nude 2 swatches no primer

La palette nude 2 swatches with primer

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  1. I have the second one ..LOVE IT. Going to pick up the first one.