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Enemies by Tijan Book review

I stayed up till 5 am last night to finish this book, woke up at 8 am to help the husband load up his trailer and I’m sitting here still feeling the feels with just 3 hrs of sleep.

I’ve been reading mainly romance university books this month and @tijansbooks #Enemies really got to me. I’m a big fan of Tijan and I’ve read almost everything she’s written and this ones definitely a top fave. 
The story follows Dusty and Stone. They were childhood friends that had a falling out and have become sworn enemies. Dusty starts a new life in Texas where she crosses paths again with the one person that she hates most.

This book took me on an emotional roller coaster. Dusty goes through so much in this book and I was right there with her. From heartbreak, tragedy and finding love, Tijan’s main character was everything and more that I was looking for in a main character. She wasn’t perfect but she came out strong and learned her lessons along the way that made her shine brighter. 
If you’re familiar with Tijans book boyfriends, they are everything and Stone Reeves is major man candy. Ugh! He’s just perfect! He might be my next favorite book boyfriend next to Mason Kade 😍

I love this book so much and i couldn’t recommend it enough! What’s more awesome than a book with an epilogue?, a bonus epilogue!! 😭😫 I will be feeling all the feels this week thanks to Enemies ❤️
Another book done, another story told.  (PS book review might include spoilers, the keyboard sometimes gets away from me don't say I didn't warn you)


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