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The Princess Ballot by Jaymin Eve and Tate James Book Review

Princess Ballot by @jaymineve & @tatejamesauthor
My rating in emojis: 🤩😫

The story follows an orphan girl named Violet Rose Spencer in a somewhat dystopian setting. She lives in what they now call New America where the world has been divided into kingdoms. She gets chosen out of 15 million applicants to attend the most prestigious school in the world for college where even royal heirs of the world attend. The lottery she wins is dubbed as the “princess ballot” since all the lottery winners in the past has married into royalty

I’ve been reading a lot of dark academy bully romances on kindle unlimited lately so I wanted to read something somewhat not as dark lol. This fit the bill. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and the story has a lot of potential for scandals and plot twists that I’m excited for. .
That ending got me shook and April can’t come sooner enough for the second book! I think Violet will be delivering some major ass whooping and the romance will probably be taken up a notch on the steamy scale and i can’t wait! Lol
Another book done, another story told. BOOK #153 YTD (PS book review might include spoilers, the keyboard sometimes gets away from me don't say I didn't warn you)

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