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I hate you Rimmel Scandaleyes Show off Mascara!

If you follow my channel on youtube, you probably know how much I hate this mascara. To express my hatred even further I've decided to put it into writing just so it is well documented :P

This review or product fail I should call it is for the newly released Rimmel scandaleyes show off mascara. I was super excited when I saw this mascara because of the unique wand. The wand reminded me of the Benefit They're Real mascara (shape of it) so I decided to give this mascara a go.

First let me tell you about the mascara wand:

 This mascara is pretty standard when it comes to the size of the wand. It comes with rubber bristles which are quite "pokey"compared to other rubber bristle mascara wands I've tried before. In comparison to my HG Covergirl lashblast mascara, the bristles of this mascara are quite long, protruding and hard so be careful not to poke your eye out with this wand.

The formula: This mascara is DRY! REALLY REALLY DRY! Its supposed to be a "fiber" mascara but you don't really see the little fibers unless you look really close. Because the formula is dry and it has fibers, it doesn't transfer well into your lashes so you end up with flakiness right after application. The combination of the "pokey" bristles, the dry fiber formula is a big flaky disaster :(
my bare face and eye mean muggin :P

with mascara: notice the little dots on the inner corner of my eyes and on my under eyes FLAKES!

this mascara looks quite decent here, but wait a couple of blinks and you're flake central :(
Price: $5-7 depending on where you buy it, got mine at Kmart for $6.99
Would I recommend it?: A big giant NO!

I still love you Rimmel, just not this one :)
Hope this was helpful!
Angelica <3


  1. Love this mascara,I have the same.*_*
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  2. awww...it may just be my lashes that are too straight :( I followed you on bloglovin but im not familiar with GFC :P

  3. Thank you so much for the follow,dear.^^
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