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Holiday 2015: TooFaced Le Grand Palais Palette Review and Swatches!

Its that lovely time of the year again when makeup companies dare to make all beauty junkies dreams come true. I don't know about you but I always brace myself in anticipation of what the makeup genies have in store for us for the holidays. This first review will cover my first holiday 2015 set from TooFaced, the Le Grand Palais collection.

This lovely set is a little too girly for my taste, I bought this set not for the dollhouse setting but mainly for the makeup palette. This palette costs $58 and is available exlusively at Sephora.

As you open the top lid of the box, it opens up into this very luxurious Parisian hotel lobby type setting that encloses the additional items in this set. I love the detail they put in this entire packaging, including the little Sephora bag since this set is available exclusively at Sephora. This set includes a deluxe size sample of their better than sex mascara, melted lipstick in melted peony, shadow insurance and the palette that contains 4 face products and 18 eyeshadows.

I did not purchase last years makeup palette because it was too similar to the one released the year prior so here are some comparisons.
- the face products are about half the size of the ones that came out from the previous year
- you get 2 eyeshadows less but they may have justified this by making the basic shadows bigger so we dont run into the problem of finishing them first.

If you were concerned with repetition shades from previous palettes, the basic shades like the browns, bronze, golds and peachy shades are pretty similar but not to the point where you feel like you have the same exact palette. I thought this palette looked very similar to my pretty rebel palette but the shades are quite different in terms of feel and how they swatch and I will explain below.  

L to R: Sun Bunny, Flash, Skyline, Stardust

If I were to sum up the main eyeshadows of this palette, I would say glitter and chunky glitters all the way. As you can see from the swatches below, some shades perform better than some. If I were to describe the texture of the glittery shades, some feel quite dry and chunky so brace yourself for fall out city. Too faced should have included their glitter primer with this set since I was quite overwhelmed with how much glittery shades they included in this set. I recently just got the Vegas Nay Stardust palette and the quality of the eyeshadows in that palette compared to this one is far superior. I think this is mainly due to the fact that these eyeshadows have different composition and powder and glitter together without some sort of creaminess to hold the product together makes the product swatch poorly and be chunky. As far as the neutral shades go, I have no complaints. Those eyeshadow are creamy and they swatch beautifully. 

bottom row

3rd row

2nd row

1st row
 To sum everything up, I have lukewarm feelings for this palette. I wasn't quite wowed with how the eyeshadows performed but overall this is a lovely palette to give someone for the holidays.

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