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Well hello again...

Hello friends!

Its been quite sometime since I've written anything here. I'm feeling quite chatty and weepy I figured I'd explain my absence here. It's been 9 months since I've posted a youtube video and I've been very inconsistent with my posts online. I love the beauty community on youtube, and I've always enjoyed sharing tutorials and reviews online. I plan on providing content this month but first I wanted to share a little about why I was gone for so long.

January 2016 our dog Cindy fell very ill. She stopped eating and was vomiting constantly. We took her to our vet and they basically told us she may have a week or so left in her life. She was then diagnosed with canine kidney disease. She spent a week at the emergency hospital to get her stabilized. Once we were able to take her home, we were given instructions to give her subcutaneous fluids daily to help her kidneys, some drugs and a new prescription diet.

She fought bravely. I was quite emotional during the length of her disease. Giving her subcutaneous daily gave me anxiety and I wanted to weep every time I had to poke that needle into her skin. My husband and I became experts after about a month or so into the disease. We had to make sure to keep to a schedule and any free time I got, I spent researching about the disease and ways to help prolong her life.

During the length of her disease, I spent a lot of time by her side. I've always loved to read but during her treatments I pretty much only had time to read by her side and not much of anything else. I felt like I couldn't "fake" a happy face while filming a video so I couldn't share much because there was a lot of ups and downs during that time. With that said, I read 193 books in 2016.

October 2016 Cindy suffered the "old" dog vestibular syndrome. She stopped eating and her kidney numbers that were stable began to worsen. She spent sometime in the emergency vet again and she wasn't able to get up for about a month. My husband and I had to take turns lifting her up to take her out and do her business. Since she was about 60 lbs around then I had to buy a doggy stroller cause she was quite heavy for me lift. Around this time I had to research on different diets just to get her to eat since she stopped eating her prescription food. Around this time I discovered Dr. Harveys Canine Health dog food which she loved eating and had to reevaluate a whole new diet with different supplements to support her kidneys.

Canine kidney disease is irreversible and you can only do so much to help your beloved. April 2017 Cindy's body couldn't take any more of her treatments. I came home everyday from work and prepared a feast for her and she wouldn't take any more food to her body. She finally told us it was time even though she was such a stubborn little fighter. We said our final goodbye to her on April 8, 2017. My husband and I don't have any children yet but we loved and treated our little Cindy bear as a first child. We miss her daily.

Here are some links of sites that helped me a lot with her canine kidney disease for anyone who might be having the same issue:

Kidney disease info: http://dogaware.com/health/kidney.html
Dr. Harveys- http://www.onlynaturalpet.com/products/Dr-Harveys-Canine-Health-Pre-Mix-Dog-Food/269000.aspx
For subcutaneous fluids supply/ aluminum hydroxide powder/ terumo needles: http://www.thrivingpets.com/
Anti vomit medicine cerenia- our vet charged $50 for 4 24mg pills, you can buy the same at this site for a lot cheaper: https://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=90b3cf21-7c86-43fc-9055-a96f455939a6&gas=cerenia
--> other supplements we gave her: dr. mercola digestive enzymes, salmon oil, probiotic powder and several more.

Thank you all for taking time to read <3
Valentine weekend in Monterey with Cindy when she was still quite healthy

On her final day...She was so strong and were glad she went peacefully. I wrapped her up in her favorite blanket while she slept and crossed over the rainbow bridge.

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